The ultimate grey tile combinations for a chic home

Grey tiles, particularly porcelain stoneware tiles, are one of the most popular material options, and stand out for their many advantages. Grey is a timeless, elegant colour that can be adapted to any style of decoration. When it comes to tiles, grey offers a multitude of possibilities for creating a chic, modern look in your home. Here are a few ideas for combinations to inspire you.

Grey and white: a timeless classic

The combination of grey and white is a classic that will never go out of fashion. This combination is perfect for creating a bright and spacious atmosphere in your home. For a more minimalist look, opt for plain light grey and white tiles. For a more traditional look, choose charcoal grey tiles with white patterns. Visit to discover a wide selection of grey tiles.

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Grey and black: a touch of luxury

Grey and black are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing combination that is perfect for living rooms. For a contemporary look, choose large-format charcoal grey and black tiles. For a more Art Deco look, choose grey and black tiles with geometric patterns.

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Grey and wood: a warm combination

Grey and wood are a warm and welcoming combination, perfectly suited to bedrooms and bathrooms. For a rustic look, opt for light grey tiles and untreated wood. For a more modern look, choose charcoal grey tiles and light wood.

Grey and marble: a luxurious style

Grey and marble are a luxurious and elegant combination that is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. If the aim is to achieve a classic look, don't hesitate to select light grey tiles and white marble. For a more modern look, choose anthracite grey tiles and black marble.

Grey and metal: an industrial touch

Grey and metal are a modern, industrial combination ideal for lofts and urban flats. For a minimalist look, light grey tiles and black metal will do the trick. For a more vintage look, choose charcoal grey tiles and copper-coloured metal.

Slate grey and natural wood

For a warm and welcoming ambience, nothing beats combining slate grey with natural wood elements. Whether in the form of flooring, furniture or decorative details, wood adds an organic touch that contrasts beautifully with the sobriety of grey. This combination is ideal for living spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, where it creates a cosy, elegant atmosphere.

Tips for choosing your grey tiles

When choosing grey tiles for your home, a number of factors need to be taken into account to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional result. 

Firstly, the size of the tiles is an important consideration. Larger tiles are ideal for larger rooms, providing a sense of space and visual continuity, while smaller tiles are better suited to smaller spaces, such as bathrooms or compact kitchens, where they can create a pleasing effect of proportion. 

Secondly, the finish of the tiles plays an essential role in their durability and maintenance. Matt tiles are renowned for their resistance to scratches and stains, making them particularly suitable for high-traffic areas such as corridors and kitchens. Finally, the type of tile is another aspect to consider. 

Thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance, porcelain stoneware is a wise choice for spaces subject to intensive use. In short, by taking these tips into account when selecting your grey tiles, you'll be able to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, perfectly suited to your needs and lifestyle.